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Colorful background featuring a flor de maga flower, the national flower of Puerto Rico.


Headshot of author Rosália Rodrigo. Light-skinned Hispanic woman with garnet-red, wavy hair. She is smiling subtly into the camera.


Rosália (she/her) has been in the “immersive story” space for over 8 years, producing visitor experiences for museums and theme parks internationally. She now champions diversity, inclusion, equity and accessibility in this space as a DEIA consultant and educator, with the goal of creating work environments and visitor experiences that are inclusive to all—a passion she also extends to her writing. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Rosália now lives in Central Florida with her partner and mischievous cat, Moonbeam. 


Beasts of Carnaval
Summer, 2025 | MIRA


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Allegra Martschenko

Ladderbird Literary Agency


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